3 Local 338 Scholarship Awards Program

Local338 The 2017 Local 338 Charities, Inc. Scholarship Awards Program is open to Local 338 Members and their dependents who have been a member of the union for at least one (1) year, and we have made some eligibility and other changes to expand the program!

The Scholarship Committee reviews all applications and awards 10 students a one-time award of $1,500 for their first year of college, vocational or other accredited institution of continuing education or training. One student, the Emanuel Laub Scholarship recipient, will be awarded $1,500 a year for all four years in annual installments (totaling $6,000). Local 338 Charities, Inc. also awards 10 individuals with Book Award Scholarships, which this year has been increased to $500 each.

You or your parent must have been a member of the Union for at least one year to be eligible to apply for the scholarship and remain a member until the scholarship is awarded. An eligibility change for this year is that students who are dependents of a member must have graduated high school no earlier than two years prior to the scholarship award (rather than being limited to those who graduated this year), and if you are a member, there is now no restriction to how long ago you may have graduated high school. Applicants who are currently enrolled as college students are not eligible.

Please supply the following information accurately, making sure to include the member's Social Security number or member ID number (RWD#).

When this application is received by the committee, the applicant will be sent a long form application, which must be returned to the Local 338 Scholarship Awards Committee no later than April 14, 2017.

The deadline for has passed. Please check back early next year!