3 Local 338: Message From The President
message from the president

February 2018

Great News for Working People

Great news for working people was released recently! In New York, 75,000 men and women have newly become members of a union family throughout 2017. An increase in membership makes our union and our voice stronger to stand up for the rights and benefits we deserve in our workplaces.

Over the years, the union movement has seen its ups and downs in membership, but statistics showed that union membership is growing in the retail and wholesale industry. Now is an opportunity for us to build upon our strength in numbers.

We have experienced the value of union membership first hand as union members. Many of us know that the value of being a union member means security at home and respect on the job. As members, contracts give us financial security through guaranteed pay raises, low cost health insurance plans, and the ability to prepare for our retirement. Membership also allows us to stand up for other benefits that we deserve, such as vacations, paid time off, and holiday pay to enjoy with our families. The value of unions is the power we have with our strength in numbers to negotiate with our employers and guarantee us with these benefits.

We hope to continue to see a rise in union membership, and this upward trend starts with each of you! As men and women who have experienced the union difference in nonunion versus union workplaces, or have been union members all along, the power is in each of our hands. Your help in spreading the word about unions to those entering the workforce, and those who work in nonunion shops, is the best way to help our friends and family get the security they deserve, too!

As Always, and In Solidarity,

John R. Durso

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