3 Local 338: Staff
Please call our main office at (516) 294-1338 and use the appropriate extension, below.
For problems in your workplace please call our Union Call Center at extension 1775.
For medical or coverage related issues call our Medical Call Center at extension 1776.


John R. Durso
x 1222
Joseph Fontano
x 1263
Neil Gonzalvo 
Executive Vice President
x 1400
Carol Diaz
Administrative Assistant
x 1222


  • Member Services Department - extension 1776
    • All Fund eligibility questions
    • Member, dependent and beneficiary changes
    • All claims issues
    • All general Plan information and questions
    • Virtually any other Medical inquiry or problem
    • All optical voucher requests
    • All dental issues
  • Prescription Department - extension 1223
    • All questions about the prescription plan
    • All prescription eligibility questions
    • Requests for prescription ID cards
  • Pension/COBRA Department - extension 1305
    • All Pension questions
    • All COBRA issues

Internal Operations

Elena Dundon
Senior Director of Internal Operations
x 1335

Contract Administration & Research 

Mike Pasquaretta
Director of Contract Negotiations
x 1246
Cindy Lopez x 1267

Special Projects & Political Affairs

Nikki Kateman
Political and Communications Director

x 1274

Jillian Salerno
Communications Representative

x 1313

Community Service Division 

Jennifer Lipack
MAP Director
x 1304

Service Representatives

To Contact a Service Representative Please Call our Call Center at: (516) 294-1338 x 1775

 Union Representatives

To Contact a Union Representative Please Call our Call Center at: (516) 294-1338 x 1775